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Welcome to the Game Corner

I started playing chess regularly at the age of 16 when I joined the local chessclub
VfB Hermsdorf in Berlin. During my studies (diploma in computer science) at the
Technischen Universität Berlin with main focus on computer graphics I also
visited courses with regard to computer chess.

I currently examine some scientific aspects in the game of chess in my Ph.-D. thesis
advised by Prof. Dr. Ingo Althöfer at the Institut für Angewandte Mathematik
der Friedrich-Schiller-Univeristät Jena
. I am particular interested in chess endgames
and the corresponding databases and algorithms.

The endgame tablebases by Eugene Nalimov can be queried online (incl. 6-men tables):
Web Query for Nalimov Tablebases.

I am always looking for new thoughts and ideas regarding not only chess but games in general.
If you want to discuss your ideas with me, please send me an email:
Please also note my services section with respect to software development.


  • Building Chess Endgame Databases for Positions with many Pieces using
    A-priori Information. August 2004. pdf ps.gz